Today, advertising is both active and interactive. PADV goes beyond merely speaking at your audience. It makes them equal partners in your conversation. It makes your message a part of people’s lives. It creates an emotional connection between you, your clients and customers that extends to their friends and family. It puts the power of word-of-mouth at your audience’s fingertips on smart phones, tablets, on the web and reinforces it in tactile print pieces they can feel.

All advertising is constructed of the same raw materials, twenty-six characters, three primary colors and imagination. Those building blocks create the fabric of a client’s vocabulary: the voice, the face and the personality of clients and their products. That is the first step in crafting memorable and compelling concepts that measurably advance the goals of clients.

Over the years, PADV creative has helped Burbank Airport, Buena Vista Entertainment, Old Pasadena Management District, Fastframe, California Hospitals Foundation, the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Authority and Foothill Workforce Investment Board connect to their audiences by being in front of their eyes no matter where they were looking. PADV unites and reinforces your messages and images across all media to speak in a single client vocabulary that embraces every aspect of their brands.

The secret of PADV success lies in an original, simple goal: innovative concepts and uncompromising service. For every client, a unique vocabulary and personality is designed to move people and achieve objectives. These are the tools that take client goals and create visions.

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