Just When You Thought You Knew Coding.

Plus ça change, le plus vite ils changent.

Wait. That can’t be right.  Oh, yes it can! “The more things change…the faster they change.” That is absolutely right.
Coding for a truely interactive website was once considered difficult, but now, oh how we long for those halcyon days of yore.  Today, when you’re coding for your web site, you are also coding for an incredible array of mobile devices. And the coding you need to address all those devices changes … daily! Case in point Apple’s Retina Display, and competing double density screen displays.

CSS Techniques for Retina Displays

By: Syed Fazle Rahman

As many people use their highly portable devices for work and play, device manufacturers seek to enhance their user experience, making their devices simultaneously more powerful and easier to use.

Apple gave us a completely new line-up of products that introduced double density pixel screens, creating sharper images on smaller screens. Other device manufacturers are following suit with their own version of high pixel density screens.While this is undoubtedly a boon for consumers and end users, it can present a challenge to web developers and designers to make their websites and apps compatible with such Retina displays.It was then that web developers realized how old fashioned the web is and how websites looked “non-living” on such displays.
Read more: http://www.sitepoint.com/css-techniques-for-retina-displays
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