Is Thanksgivukkah Too Rare To Become Commercialized?

This Thursday is Thanksgivukkah, the ultimate meshugenah‎ holiday mashup of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. The two holidays that most famously celebrate eating are converging in an almost comical convergence that might not stage a repeat engagement until the year 79,811.
Hanukkah is of course based on the Jewish lunar/solar calendar, so the months are determined according to the phases of the moon and the years by the sun. Thanksgiving wanders as well, because the fourth Thursday of November, so that it is always inconvenient, doesn’t fall on the same date every year. And when you take into account the addition of leap months in the Jewish calendar and leap days in the Julian Calendar (as well as the odd leap seconds), this event won’t be repeated for a very, very long time. Good news? We probably won’t see this holiday commercialized. Bad news, if you miss this one, you’ll miss them all.

However, it already has it’s own anthem. So if YouTube is still around…  =)


Credits for this brilliant video”
Lyrics & video by Big Teeth Productions (
Music Production & Mix by NoiseFloor LTD (
Vocals performed by Kate Steinberg (…)

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