After Effects Adds New Life To The Renaissance

Applying the compelling allure of computer animation to our client’s products and services has always been an essential part of our artistic arsenal. From a soaring magic star that spreads its warmth to a tree, a yuletide hearth and Christmas dreams, to a mind that opens wide, literally, to the joys of a holiday weekend sale. It pushed aside the expected and opened new boundaries.  However, when we started, the expense of that experimental new art form was more than a little overwhelming.

Today, programs such as Flash and After Effects have made computer animation an everyday part of the advertising landscape on the web, in presentations and apps, as well as on the air. As our recents awards have proven, the allure is still there. And there are still boundaries to be pushed.


In his series “Renaissance Paintings Brought to Life,”  Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, an Italian experimental artist and animator, used “Adobe After Effects” to subtly bring some legendary classic paintings to life. We salute his art and his passion, and invite you to enjoy his work.

To view the rest of this series, click here.

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