Respect Women? Even Marketing to Men? NEVAHHHH!

Wow. Respecting women, what a concept. But you even have to do it when marketing to men? Now, that’s gotta be crazy talk. And according to Ethelbert Williams, this admonition must be equally directed to both men and women. This segment killed me:

For those who have not seen this incredibly viral piece of video, it depicts several women describing their facial features to an FBI-trained forensic artist.

Dove - Sketches of women based on their own descriptions.
The same women then are described by their peers to that same artist. The self-descriptions are fairly inaccurate, ugly, exaggerated and clearly sad. This is how these women view themselves. That’s not cool.

As an only child of a single, working mother, I cannot recommend this article highly enough. That it was written by a man, says something about how far we’ve come since I was young.

When Marketing To Men, Respect Women

On the lighter side, what’s most interesting to me as a guy (this is my own research) is that while women drag down their personal attributes to the most negative place, men are very much the opposite; and this is probably annoying to 50% of you. When it comes to marketing to guys, it’s all about bigger, faster, stronger, and longer. Guys are positioned to be invincible as a result of the car you handle, the brew ordered at the pub, the kicks on your feet or the deo under your pits. Dearest brand marketer, thank you for stroking my ego but let’s not do so at the expense of my better half.

My contribution here is simple: When marketing to men, you must respect women.

In our most recent research report, “Digital Power Moms,” we dig into how women are the “mompreneurs” and household leaders when it comes to employing technology to run the show. They are our modern-day superheroes. They are our backbones as men and, as such, we could not survive without them! This is a lucrative market.

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