Scouting Got Game – and We Helped

When you invite the commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, to be the main speaker at your fundraiser, you’ve got to kick things up a notch or two. We helped the Boy Scouts Los Angeles Area Council create a compelling campaign to fill the seats and an inspirational environment to capture the imaginations, and open the wallets, of 270 invited donors. Pasadena Advertising created all the graphic support from invitations and fund raising collateral, to table talkers and a set design made up entirely of banners.


Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig speaks against a backdrop of iconic Boy Scout Banners.

The banners for the set, designed by Pasadena’s David Ensz, an Eagle Scout himself, avoided the overly used red, white and blue for colors exclusively associated with Scouting. “Olive, khaki and crimson are the colors I remember most from Scout uniforms and badges,” explained David, “They are an intrinsic part of the memories Scouts hold onto from their meetings, scout camps and Jamborees.”


All our materials used the same color palette and vocabulary.

The graphic style was reinforced in all the support materials, from the Eagle “hero graphic” to the program, pamphlets and response cards. The Character Counts event was primarily a fundraiser to support Scouting and the youth of our community, but it was also an opportunity to raise awareness for Scouting, and recognize the support of deserving volunteers and benefactors. Honorees included Los Angeles Area Council Board members Don Crocker, Rita Illig Liebelt, Dave Meshulam and Robb Scoular.  Charles E. Blake, Sr., the Presiding Bishop of The Church of God and Christ, was presented with the The Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award.

The Scouting program focuses on leadership, character, development, and important life skills. This event makes it possible for the “Friends of Scouting” campaign to fund programs that make it possible for youth living in poverty to gain the skills and citizenship they need to become assets to society.

We are proud to be a part of it.


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