The Hard Truth: Friends Have More Influence Than Advertising

Deal with it.  It’s something everybody knows, but no one talks about, and I quote, “in survey after survey … consumers are much more influenced by their families and social circles than they are by advertising.” This article is specifically about food, but it’s just as true for shoes, movies, cars computers. Our decisions, including buying decisions, “are influenced and more and more by posts on Facebook and Pinterest” and other social media. In other words we can the power of Word-of-Mouth at people’s fingertips 24/7, and we can be hyper local about it.

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Mobile-Local Marketing To Moms

by , Aug 21, 2013, 11:30 AM

A popular article today on MediaPost, “Hillshire Farms Ups Mobile Reach,” obviously attracts viewers in our industry since we all snarf up any tidbit of information on marketing through this platform. But, hidden in the details is a strategy for co-op radio ads that makes sense for almost any food brand marketing to moms.

Because it can track people where they’re using Pandora, Hillshire Farms also runs ads when people are listening to Pandora while driving home, so they know where they can pick up food products locally.”

This classic radio strategy is easily adaptable to mobile technology. Unlike traditional radio, though, Pandora users enter their name, gender and zip code when signing up for the service, allowing fine targeting to both moms and local retailers.

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