For Anyone considering eblast Designs for 27″ Screens: STOP IT!

MediaPost’s Jack Loechner reports that what almost everyone has seen coming – is already here. If you’re designing emails for big screens, you’re missing half your audience. Back when you were only missing 20% (2 years ago), it was already too many. Now, you could miss half. Designing for only one out of every two clients ins’t just fiscally irresponsible, it’s insane. Here’s the skinny on reaching 100%.

Almost Half of Brand Emails Opened on Mobile

by , 7 hours ago

According to a new Yesmail Interactive bench mark study, directing marketers’ attention to the components of their email programs that best reflect their customers’ preferences and shifting patterns of brand interaction, 61% of consumers are now viewing email either exclusively on a mobile device or using both mobile and desktop devices interchangeably.

Consumers are communicating their satisfaction with a marketer’s messages by way of opening and clicking, says the report. In the hospitality/travel industry an average of 23.4% of subscribers are active, while in B2B, this number is 1.5%. The gap between those industries is largely symptomatic of the different types of products/services they offer, their different target audiences, as well as different database composition. The report looks deeper into how other top industries fare in terms of subscriber activity, opened/clicked in the previous 90 days.

Mobile, defined as smartphone and tablet usage, has grown significantly in the last few years and is a prominent fixture in the way consumers interact with brands. The significant difference between mobile and desktop click-to-open rates suggests a disconnect between the way marketers cater to consumers who open on mobile vs. those who prefer desktop.

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