PADV Makes Bob Hope Burbank Airport Mobile

Over the years, Burbank Bob Hope Airport had earned an enviable reputation for comfort, convenience, and customer care. People had always gone to Burbank for a quick and easy way to get in and out of L.A.. It has long been the airport next door to dozens of L.A. communities. But, to mobile users, it was virtually invisible and a waste of time, a definite setback for their brand promise. The Airport needed to show their mobile audience the same dedication to convenience that the Airport offered, in-person, to passengers on the ground.

PADV was asked to develop a complete online presence that met the needs of thousands of busy travelers, especially on mobile devices. Mobile visitors were coming to the airport site every day, because they needed to know where to go, where to park, where to eat and, of course, flight times. But even highly motivated mobile visitors, no matter what they needed, were bouncing off the site en masse, in seconds, because the highly cluttered screen was simply impossible to read.

Burbank Airport new home page with flight tracker
Over the past 86 years, the airport had established a highly valued brand image centered on people and service. Burbank Bob Hope Airport needed to better meet the wants and needs of the ever-burgeoning mobile audience with a site that reinforced the airport’s brand and their promise of superior care. Loyal Airport passengers had come to expect convenience and efficiency consistently, and it had been that way since 1930. It was quite a brand promise to keep.


PADV designer Janina Lovern created a responsive online presence designed to keep that promise of convenience for everyone, including mobile users.  No matter what people wanted, no matter what device they were using, they would be able to find it quickly and easily. The Arrivals, Departures, Short and Long Term Parking, Ground Transit, and Bus and Train information would all live right at their fingertips

The PADV site design for Burbank Bob Hope Airport reinforces the time-honored brand promise of superior service and passenger experience, and brings the Airport’s traditional level of commitment to visitor convenience and care not just online, but into their palms. The content is easy to find, get into and get around. The arrivals and Departures” window features a real-time flight-tracking feed. The Parking, Ground Transit, and Bus and Train information are all updated regularly.

parking info

Now travelers, and all other site visitors, can find anything they need to know about the Airport quickly and easily, at In less than two months, traffic to the site has more than doubled, and the average time spent on the site has gone from mere seconds to over three minutes. Tellingly, 98% of the site’s traffic now is composed of returning visitors who know they can trust the airport to give them what they need, when they need it, at their fingertips, no matter where they are.

Burbank Bob Hope Airport can now count on their online user experience to reinforce their highly-regarded in-person reputation on the ground and keep a brand promise over 86 years old.

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